At the core of our values is providing our families with utmost care during their time of need. We cherish reviews like these we get from our satisfied families.

David and Alexandra are the most incredible, most professional, compassionate people you could ever meet in your darkest hour of need. They provide a beacon of light, full of love, comfort, patience, kindness and understanding. They go up and above whatever it takes to ensure your loved one is treasured and honored at the highest level. For this, I am forever grateful and indebted to them. It is a blessing to have them in our community. Their enduring thoughtfulness, generosity and support will be seared on my heart and soul forever.
Grace Lasco

They are very caring and nurturing during a time of need and sorrow. When my roll is called up yonder Bob will be there. There is not a more qualified person to put that loving touch on me and my family. Thank you. Highly recommend his services.
Steven Gortmaker

My Mom passed somewhat unexpectedly in Kamiah recently, and found herself at Trenary Funeral Home. My sister was a train-wreck and my Dad and I hid it better but weren't far behind. There is A LOT to deal with when this happens. The sudden grief is bad enough, but being the immediate family of one who has just died requires actions and decisions that are more "nuts and bolts". Legal things like paperwork, questions to answer, what's to become of "Mom" now? Things that our family didn't want to think about right away, but things that had to be done and decided. The three of us were afraid to go see her. We didn't know what to expect there, either.
I can not say enough how GREAT Alex and David were at guiding us through ALL of this! I think we all expected dreary organ music and people dressed like Abraham Lincoln to greet us at the door. Instead, it began as if we were visiting some relatives. It was SO NICE to simply be talked to without undo sympathy and sentimentality, and yet they understood exactly what each of us needed emotionally, while simultaneously guiding us through the maze of decisions, bill paying and paperwork that accompanies someone's passing.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but Mom looked just like her sleeping self. This is another thing that Alex and David "bring to the table" so to speak (don't be horrified at me, my Mom would laugh!). To the best of my knowledge, David and Alex are not only the two people running Trenary Funeral Home. That means they do EVERYTHING from preparing our departed for whatever comes next, to dealing with billing, to guiding us through the paperwork and telling us a lot about what to expect next, all while holding our hands and helping us feel better. We all left that day in an almost good mood! When people like Alex and David see you through something like this, they feel like part of your family (had we had more time in Kamiah we would have gone to meet Alex's husband in Kooskia!).
For all of these qualities to exist in any one person is incredibly rare. For two such people to be at the same place in a small town is a gift not to be overlooked. Sorry to be so long in this, but it's not something that can be fit in to a small sound-bite. Thanks again you two! : )
Ted Ax

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